Putting Her Back Together, Part 4

Prior to me dropping the set screw and starting this entire update process, I had picked up a set of complete insulation boards. They weren’t perfect, but I could at least use as a pattern. I used 1/8″ masonite(or hardboard) and traced out the pattern, cut everything out and then used a drill press and forstner bit to began the process of drilling all of the holes.

Sprayed them with semigloss black paint and never got to install them. I also scored a full set of the original insulation in super great shape. The plastic protectors had of course dry rotted, so purchased some clear trash bags, used the manufactured seams as much as possible. Then, trimmed to fit and used a lighter to melt the edges and press together to form a sealed package. Even saved the original VW papers and inserted into the insulation plastic(as seen in one of the pics)

Must say they turned out great. Should have taken some pics of the insulation prior to installing, but was too excited to get them installed.

The insulation boards have lasted more than 5 years in the garage with the Charleston humidity and still look the same as when I made them.

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