New Floor Replacement from KlassicFab

Just wanted to share a quick pic of this absolutely beautiful piece of art from KlassicFab. I think I may just hang it in the garage for looks. Or, maybe not…

Anyway, I decided that with the time needed to scrounge for sheet metal, cutting, fitting and welding, that it would be worth my time just to purchase the full floor. The KlassicFab driver’s side panel didn’t cover as much as I would like to replace so I opted for the full floor replacement and I’ll cut it down to what I need and use the remaining metal for other repairs. I haven’t compared to the original yet, but so far I did notice that there is a support plate on the TOP of the floor panel that is not on my original. But, all of the indentions appear to be the same at quick glance.

Gerson KlassicFab Front Floor Funky Green
Gerson KlassicFab Front Floor ’73-’79 Funky Green

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