Big Oops.

After finally getting the distributor issue resolved, decided I’d break out my new dwell meter and check the dwell prior to setting the timing.  After using a points gap of .016, the dwell turned out to be 50°. But that wasn’t good enough for me,  so tried to get it down closer to mid-range of 47°-52°.

Big mistake. After setting a gap of .018, to get the dwell down, I couldn’t get her to start.

I was almost out of gas, so decided to use some fresh marine gas that I recently picked up during the recent hurricane scare.

After adding gas, and resetting the points again, I finally got her started again, BUT … I was getting a horrible engine knock from passenger side of engine. Though it was going to throw a rod.

Went to bed and it dawned on me the next day that I had added the marine gas and maybe that was the issue for some reason. I didn’t think of the gas being an issue as I had used non-ethanol gas in to before with no problems.

I drained the tank and picked up some fresh regular unleaded gas.

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