Going to take the plunge again … rusty step repair.

Took a little time tonight to look at repairing my passengers side step. Several years ago, I purchased a pair of Klokkerholm step repair panels, however, I was a little surprised at the quality – metal thickness and the corners weren’t stamped but folded on top of each other. Luckily, it doesn’t look like I will need to repair the entire panel but can cut off the part I need and weld it in.

Check my pic below of the repair needed and then the Klokkerholm panel. The portion I will cut out is marked with a black Sharpie.

Most recent work: Interior Door Cleaning

Really haven’t had much time to work on the bus lately, just been driving here when the weather is nice. I still haven’t applied the epoxy primer I purchased two years ago and it’s probably wasted. I have kept it inside to keep it from the heat. So we’ll see if it made it or not.

I have started sanding down the passenger’s side some to get it down to the factory paint.

I did spend some quality time with her this weekend and made some decent progress on cleaning up the passenger’s interior side door. The door panels are shot so decided to remove it and clean the dirt and grime up. I removed and saved the protective plastic so I could use it as a template when the time comes. In trying to clean, I started using 409, then Purple Stuff, but found WD-40 and a brush to do the best. Then I hit it with some rubbing compound in some areas to finish cleaning.  I should have taken a before picture of the door as a whole, but you can tell the dirt and grime from the smaller shots.

Next step will be to clean up the interior of the door and lubricate everything.

1973 Volkswagen Bus Passenger Door Interior - Clean
1973 Volkswagen Bus Passenger Door Interior – Clean