It’s been busy, busy, busy

A lot has happened over the last week or so. I started reconnecting all of the gas vapor lines and charcoal canister, but had a time finding the correct metric size hoses. I could have used ASE sizes but still couldn’t find any 1/2″ hose for the breather. So, I dropped a local vw friend(Snoopy) an e-mail to see if he could recommend any import parts places in the Charleston area. He told me to give Ken a call in Summerville. I gave Ken a call and not only did he have the metric sizes, but also in the larger 13mm that I needed for the breather hose.

I headed up to Summerville to pick the hose up and come to find out I knew Ken. Ken turned out to be Ken Irwin and owns Aircooled Automotive. Ken and I were charter members of the Lowcountry Volkswagen Club in Summerville back in the late 80’s. I had no idea he was still in the area, so we spent a little time catching up, bought my hose and was on my way.

Came home to hook everything up and I was loving how the correct hose sizes were installing with ease. Also stopped by Lowe’s to pick up a brass fitting to run the 13mm hose from the charcoal canister to the breather. Also, picked up a slide-on fastener for the canister strap. I get everything hooked up and crank her up…and she dies. Try it again and same thing. She’ll run for about 5 seconds on starting fluid and that is all. I unplug all of the vapor fuel lines and try again…same thing. Almost like she was getting any fuel.

After a day of scouring for more progressive carb info, I found the jets screws locations and removed them and gave a few shots of carb cleaner and compressed air. She started up…not perfect, but at least she would start and run a little longer. It appears that there must have been trash in the charcoal canister and when I fired her up, it blew it all into the carb.

I have now removed the carb, cleaned the exterior really good of the years of grease and grime. Now, I will remove the idle screws and jet again and clean again. I’m debating on picking up a rebuild kit and go ahead and rebuild it while I have it out. I’m not planning on running it that long as I’m working on the new PDSIT’s I have for installation.

I PBblasted the intake nuts tonight, as I am going to remove the intake and clean everything up on top of the engine, then reinstall with the clean carb.

Also, picked up a pair of little wheels for the engine lid rod that helps keep it open. Took about five minutes to install and now all is well…at least with the engine lid.

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